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Online or in person, Monday-Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm

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  • Cricket Violin Sound Post Setting

    Cricket Violin Sound Post Setting

    The Cricket has a traditional sound post positioned just behind the treble foot of the bridge, visible through the bass side ā€œCā€ hole. It is positioned and held in place by small dimples in both the top and back which fit the slightly conical ends of the soundpost. The post is set to be held firmly in place with no bridge or string tension on the top. It is unlikely but possible that the post becomes dislodged if the instrument is dropped or mishandled during shipping. In this case it will not be visible through the C hole and will be loose inside the instrument.
  • Cricket Violin/Viola Care and Setup

    Cricket Violin/Viola Care and Setup

    All you need to know to maintain your violin, viola or 5-string cricket.
  • Timber Bass - Update

    Timber Bass - Update

    After almost 10 years and hundreds of Timber basses shipped, we are taking a break from production to redesign and retool. But the bass will be back soon!