We want you to be strumming, plucking and bowing forever! Here's how to keep it going

All of our instruments can be repaired or upgraded easily here at our shop!

If you are located near us, feel free to give us a call and schedule a time to have your instrument looked at. Some repairs and upgrades can be done while you wait; others will require more time and can be picked up at a later date.

For those that cannot come to us in person, feel free to send your instrument in! We always recommend contacting us to let us know to expect it, but we will be happy to take it in, fix it up, and send it back to you!

To send your instrument in:

  • Pack up your instrument safely and securely, making sure to include a note in the box with your contact information, return address, and the work you would like done.
  • Ship your instrument to us via your preferred shipper at the following address:
Magic Fluke Co.
292 South Main St
Sheffield MA 01257
  • Once we receive the instrument and analyze it, we will call you to let you know the total cost as well as return shipping, and we can take payment over the phone.
  • Once the repair is complete, we will send it back out to you, and you will receive tracking information
  • You will be back to playing!

Some common upgrades and their cost (not including shipping):

  • Fretboard replacement (for polycarbonate) - $25
  • Upgrade to hardwood fretboard - $99
  • Soundboard replacement (only available with polycarbonate fretboards) - $65 (for solid color top), $45 (2nd top)
  • Top re-glue - $35
  • Bridge replacement - $50
  • Upgrade to Pegheds tuner - $89
All repairs are subject to additional charges if there is additional labor involved. We will inform you if any additional work is needed before performing any repairs.

For those that would prefer to do the repairs themselves or take your instrument to a local shop, We are happy to help out with that! Check out our other blog posts for details about specific repairs, or feel free to email us with any questions you may have!

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