Timber Bass redesign update

Thanks to all those who have provided input so far about the Timber Bass redesign.  We have compiled these notes to guide our design process.  So far these are our objectives:

- Maintain overall size & scale length of the instrument.

- Incorporate a more ergonomic knee rest into the body shape.

- Increase the size of the thumb pockets, or "cashew trays" as they have been affectionately dubbed.

- Do away with the integrated strap loop, in favor of a strap button for easier strap removal.

- Round out the neck profile so it feels less boxy.

- Offer a fretless option without engraved fret marks on the surface. 

- Incorporate action & intonation adjustment, either at the neck-body interface, or the bridge.

- Consider alternative electronic systems.

Regarding the electronics, we are open to suggestions.  The undersaddle piezo pickup with active pre-amp by Shadow Electronics has worked well.  But is the onboard tuner + tone & volume control necessary?  Do you like having that onboard the instrument or do you prefer to have these functions downstream on your amp or pedals?  Should we consider a magnetic p/u (which would require steel core strings)?

We're still in the early stages so send us your thoughts on any of the above and you could really participate in the development of this product.



Elaine Richert

Date 2/2/2024

Todd Torgersen

Date 2/14/2024


Date 2/21/2024

Eileen Lander

Date 3/10/2024

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