Timber Bass - Update

After almost 10 years and hundreds of Timber basses shipped, we are taking a break from production to redesign and retool. The past couple of years we have been slowly taking on the production of our CNC wood components from local shops. The bass body being one of the most challenging and expensive, we have decided to take the time to try to simplify and improve based on what we have learned over the years. With luck, we hope to have something to offer by the end of the year.

 In the mean time, we apologize for the disruption, but also welcome your input on any changes or improvements you would like us to consider. We appreciate any player input which has helped us refine and improve all our instruments. 



Jim Hanks

Date 6/26/2023

Mike Strehlow

Date 7/30/2023

Andy Chen

Date 8/8/2023

Oscar Stern

Date 8/12/2023

Oscar Stern

Date 8/12/2023

Mike Strehlow

Date 8/25/2023

Chris Pouflis

Date 8/31/2023

Rachel Webley

Date 9/10/2023

Thomas Reiber

Date 9/19/2023

alan M

Date 9/21/2023

Todd Torgersen

Date 9/27/2023

Pete Marshall

Date 10/21/2023

Marius Fleck

Date 10/31/2023

Brian D.

Date 11/6/2023


Date 12/15/2023

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