Firefly Pickup Installation

Before assembly, drill ½” hole in Remo drum shell about 3” or 45 deg. (4” on Tenor and 5 String maple shell) from tailpiece hole and 7/8” in from edge. Back up with block on bench or in vice to prevent tear out on inside.

 Cut and strip O.S. 3” banjo p/u to 6” lead length. Twist black wire to ground shield and tin end of leads.

Tin and solder p/u shield/black wire to connector ground lug (biggest tab) and white/red wire to smallest tab on Neutrik NYS221 ¼” jack.

Crimp tabs over jacket to support wire and position connections so heat shrink will fit neatly and wires are separated. Test for output and noise level (no hum when connector is touched). Cut 1.25” of 3/8” dia. heat shrink and slip over p/u and shrink in place with hot air gun.  

Install pick up assembly into drum with nut and washer on the inside.

Assemble Firefly and stick p/u centered under bridge as shown with wire passing under strut. Add small zip tie to hold wire in place and 1” X 3/8” piece of 3M VHB over wire at end of p/u. Peel off backing.

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