Cricket Violin Sound Post Setting

The Cricket has a traditional sound post positioned just behind the treble foot of the bridge, visible through the bass side “C” hole. It is positioned and held in place by small dimples in both the top and back which fit the slightly conical ends of the soundpost. The post is set to be held firmly in place with no bridge or string tension on the top. It is unlikely but possible that the post becomes dislodged if the instrument is dropped or mishandled during shipping. In this case it will not be visible through the C hole and will be loose inside the instrument.

To replace, you will need a simple post setting tool and mirror as shown in the photo below. Stab the soundpost in the center gently with the sharp end of the tool as shown in the top of the photo. Slip the sound post inside the instrument through the bass side C hole and wedge into a vertical position as close to the dimple marked by the X as possible. Don’t worry if its not exactly over the dimple – at this time you just want to get it close and wedged enough to stay in place while you remove the setting tool by wiggling up and down until the knife edge slips out of the slot. It may take a number of tries to get the post to stay and the tool removed.

Once the post is close to the mark and nearly vertical or perpendicular to the top and bottom, reach in with the other end of the tool and gently push or pull the visible end of the post directly over the dimple indicated by the X. Now place the mirror into the body approximately over the label so you can see the location of the top of the post and push/pull this end using the tool into position over the dimple indicated by the X on the back of the spruce top. The photo shows a pickup installed in which case the post is set directly on the center of the pickup as indicated by the X. It may be necessary to set the top of the post before the bottom depending on which end is further out when its initially set in place. The post length is set so that they slip into place with enough tension to hold it without pressure from the bridge. It may be necessary to adjust the length of the sound post if it does not hold its position or it too tight.

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